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TIKKA TUTORIAL WITH READY TO GLOW✨ South Asian Bangles and Jewelry, Indian Bangles & Jewelry


| Banglez Staff

The lovely Hemali from has made putting on a tikka easy, have a look! 

The struggle of putting a tikka on is so real sometimes – who else agrees?🙋‍♀️ 
I made a tikka tutorial a long time ago and so many of you guys loved it so I thought I’d make an updated one showing you guys different ways you can style your hair with a tikka too!
1. Tease the crown of hair
2. Comb the hair so the top looks smooth
3. Create a part in the middle of your bangs to make sure the tikka is centred
4. Place a bobby pin in the hook of your tikka
5. Hook the bobby pin into the teased part of your hair
6. Take another bobby pin and cross it with the bobby pin in your hair to secure it
8. Section off the part of your hair that’s right before your bobby pins, tease it and comb it out lightly so it covers up your bobby pin
9. Use eyelash glue on the back of the tikka to glue it down to your forehead so it doesn’t move
10. Tease your hair accordingly depending on which way you want it parted.
• jewelry: @banglez_jewelry • eyelash glue: @duoadhesive • hairspray: @tresemme 
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