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Jewelry care


    1. Always clean your fashion jewelry after wear & keep it dry

    A great tip to make your  costume jewelry look its best as long as possible is to  clean them after each use and keep them dry It might seem like a hassle after a long day, but it can make a huge difference in the way it looks and shines. There’s always the possibility that you got perfumes, lotion, oil from your skin on your jewelry while you wore it, so don’t put it away before you get the chance to clean it or at least wipe it down with a soft cloth. 

    Protect the plating of your jewelry by removing it when washing dishes, exercising, cleaning, washing your hands, doing laundry, going swimming (chlorinated and salt water can react with the metals). 

    Avoid  cleaners that contain acid, vinegar or ammonia and some jewelry cleaners, as they can damage your jewelry. Alcohol wipes can be ok from time to time to sanitize the back of earrings. Also, make sure your jewelry is completely dry before you put it away!

    2. Remove your jewelry when you have no use to wear it

    It is important that your jewelry is the  last thing you put on after applying hairspray, makeup or lotion and to ensure you clothing doesn’t get caught in it. It is also important that your jewelry is the  first thing you take off  before changing out of your clothes and going to bed, as it may break if slept with on.

    3. Store your fashion jewelry carefully

    We all have our preferences when storing jewelry. The best way to prevent damage or breakage is to  store fashion/costume jewelry individually, in cotton, velvet or plastic pouches. Jewelry boxes come in a close second, but storing the pieces individually in a bag/pouch is the best way to prevent damage.

    It is preferable if your necklaces are  hung on hooks and not in contact with other jewelry.

    This helps to keep your jewelry from tangling and breaking. It also prevents any kind of dulling that can occur from metals rubbing off on one another.

    4. Do not coat your costume and semi-precious jewelry

    We would advise against using any kind of protectant or finish on your jewelry, as it can end up taking off or changing the finish of your jewelry.

    5. Reusing your bindis

    If you would like to reuse your bindi, place it back on the sheet it originally came on for safe keeping. Some bindis have incredible holding power and can be used multiple times, however more than often the natural oils from our skin will deter the sticky backing. In the case that happens, apply some bindi or eyelash glue to the back and have fun! 



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