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| Banglez Staff

Have you gone through the 5 stages of grief with your wedding jewelry? The “this can’t be happening” denial shortly before the “what the hell” anger, then the “if only” bargaining followed by the wave of depression when the reality has set in and lastly, accepting that you spent a sh*t ton of money for jewelry pieces you may never wear again.

i.e. the exact words from a real bride: “Ahhhhhhh, I spent $2000 dollars on my wedding jewelry, what am I going to do with it now?!?! Yesss the simpler pieces from smaller wedding functions like earrings, bangles and stuff can be used again BUT THIS HUGE WEDDING NECKLACE!! AND KALEERAYE?!!?”

Does this sound like you? STOP because we’re cutting your grief off EARLY!

1. Life is just simply too short for any sort of grief, especially for avoidable grief

2. We have some GOOD NEWS!

Banglez will take your huge Banglez wedding jewelry pieces and revamp them one time for FREE! Yess you read that right FREE! Why? We UNDERSTAND how hard you grind for those $$$ and spending all that money on your wedding makes so much sense because IT’S YOUR SPECIAL DAY! When the aftermath guilt sets in and you don’t feel that great anymore, that’s when we step in to remind you that we NEVER want you to regret a decision that once made you happy!

Bring in your Banglez wedding jewelry and have it revamped to be worn again and again as many times as you damn well please! Typically the process involves booking a personal appointment for your bridal jewelry revamp. On the day of your appointment bring all the jewelry you want to be broken down and rebuilt. Depending on what you want to be done, it could be either done with no additional pieces or some of the pieces may require additional purchases to fit onto your wedding jewelry. NO WAIT! DON’T STOP READING! I know the thought of possibly spending more money on this seems worse but I promise you that the small amount will go a long way. It’s a million times better than holding on to your wedding jewelry as it is because it will eventually be pushed to the back of your closet, which in my opinion is a lot worse, wouldn’t you agree?

For example, when it comes to necklaces being broken up, that typically requires no cost as the necklace is usually just broken down into 2-3 smaller necklace pieces depending on the size of the original. This is unless you want to jazz it up with other pieces like our bride Amy did when she added the gold dangling necklace to the choker piece. You could even do a waist chain, a headpiece, anklets, a hairpiece or so much more depending on what you’re working with!

Other pieces may be more limited, like kaleeraye that can be turned into earrings or latkan (the tassels that lean off the side of lengha bottoms or the backs of suit tops/saree blouses), maybe even a tikka, it all depends.

These are just suggestions but truly there are so many possibilities. We’re here to help you make the most of this experience and strive to make you love every revamped piece!

Here are media examples to show you an example of the process from our client Amy.

Doesn’t she look stunning?!?!?! Now take a sneak preview at the behind the scenes process!
Our bride Amy was super happy with the results! She truly felt like she got her money’s worth! Since she’s happy, we’re happy!

Give us the opportunity to help you love the many forms of your jewelry. Contact us at or call (416) 834-6717 for a consultation now!

*Revamp process could take up to 3-6 weeks depending on orders and availability*

– Mahak Gupta

Banglez Bloggeress

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