Size Guide


What’s your Bangle size?
You can easily find the Correct Size of a Bangle


The key to wearing bangles is to get the right size. We advise you to wear the smallest size possible for the best look and the least amount of discomfort while wearing your bangles.

We offer commonly 4 sizes in bangles, 2.4 X-small, 2.6 Small, 2.8 Medium, 2.10 Large. For other sizes please contact

1. Measure good fitting bangles you already own 

Take out bangles you already own and measure the diameter inside and compare to the measurement chart below. Measuring the inside diameter (one end to the other) of your current bangles will be an accurate way to determine your bangle size.

2. Measure your hand

This method will be useful in determining your bangle size when done accurately. You will need a flexible tape measure or a piece of string and a ruler.

a) Scrunch your hand as if you were to put on a bangle by bringing your thumb and pinky finger together.

b) Use a tape measure (or string) to measure around your hand at the widest part (the tape measure/string should be pulled firmly, not loose). Take note of the circumference of your hand (if using a string, make a mark where the string meets, then measure the length of the string with a ruler to get the circumference).

c) Compare your hand circumference measurement with the bangle circumferences in the chart below. If you are in between sizes, always purchase the bigger size to ensure the bangles will fit.

For example, if you hand measures 8", you would be the size 2.10.

In the case of kadas/karas, most open up and are easy to put on and fasten. To ensure the kada/kara fits comfortably, add 1.5 cm. You can then add or subtract centimeters according to whether you prefer a loose, exact or tight fit. Most have a thick interior and sit comfortably on your wrist.

For bridal chooras, you need to know bangle size as well. The bangles range in size according to the circumference of your wrist to the top of your forearm, so the set fits nicely.

Generally, bridal chooras are sold based on the size of your wrist. The only time you may need to remeasure is if you are customizing your bridal choora. We help customers in the store make sure everything fits right!

Banglez lift -> 

Some bangles are breakable/bendable, therefore should be put on slowly and carefully in small groups. We advise you to apply a non-scented lotion for ease when putting on bangles. Again, if in doubt of your bangle size, go a size up.

If you’re still unsure about your bangle size, we understand it’s not easy and are here to help! Come into our store at 2387 Trafalgar Road in Oakville, Ontario (Canada) and let us help you find your size and customize your look!

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Necklaces lengths
“How low will you go?”


Like any kind of jewelry, necklaces come in different lengths and sizes. Depending on your neckline, use this chart to determine what length you think will suit you.

However, here at Bangles we ask you to keep an open mind because the unlikeliest of lengths might surprise you!

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Anklet sizes and earring lengths coming soon!