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| Banglez Staff

Banglez was invited Thursday, November 24, 2016 to the ‘The Good Indian Bride’ event Curated by Artist/Director Ms. Mutta and the team of web series ‘Anarkali’.

“Artist and Director Ms. Mutta examines through a Web Series focused on relationship trials and tribulations that looks at Indian Diaspora women and their romantic interactions – the good, bad and the ugly.

Ms. Mutta Productions Inc. is a Toronto-based creative house, owned and operated by filmmaker, producer, and writer, Ms. Rakhi Mutta. Ms. Mutta has written, directed, and produced everything from viral videos, to short films, to her own award-winning web series. Ms. Mutta’s past work has been featured on NBC, CBC, CBC Arts, BBC, OMNI TV, as well as Elle Canada and Canadian Living.”


“Toronto, ON – The highly anticipated premiere showcase of ‘The Good Indian Bride’ performance art exhibit, by award-winning Artist/Director, Ms. Mutta, is unveiling for one-night-only in Toronto on Thursday, November 24, 2016, taking place inside the exclusive DAIS. The Good Indian Bride is a living manifestation of a distorted legacy, exploring the patriarchal subtexts of North Indian wedding rituals, both in the diaspora and the subcontinent.

What began as a photography exhibit featured at Nuit Blanche 2015 (Toronto) and the 2015 Feminist Art Conference (Toronto), is now coming to life through performance art for audiences to physically experience what it really means to be a “good Indian bride”. This artistic labour of love is a masterful creation pushing boundaries and demanding that we engage in dialogue around South Asian marriage rituals, with all its beauty, grandeur, and darkness.

“The ultimate goal growing up was to ensure that you were married. No degrees, no accolades, no awards, your dreams, desires and ambitions meant absolutely nothing if you were not married”. – Ms. Mutta”

 We will be providing our beautiful jewelry for the event, pictures to follow!

Now let’s take a look at the Anarkali series. Dating is tough. Relationships are tough. Being a girl is tough. Coming from a south Asian family is tough. Keeping your parents happy is tough. Combine those factors together and you enter the turmoil that is the reality of dating for south Asian women today.

Times are tough ladies and web series ‘Anarkali‘ can relate!

*Stay tuned for an exclusive on event!*


Mahak Gupta

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