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KAHLO COLLECTION📿 South Asian Bangles and Jewelry, Indian Bangles & Jewelry


| Banglez Staff

We’re thrilled to introduce the launch of our new Kahlo Collection! These custom made pieces are truly a unique way of adding your own style to traditional South Asian jewelry.

Many people ask me how or why I started doing what I do. I explain that I wanted to feel connected to my work – so I followed my heart to India. At the time Banglez was born, our collection was a lot more casual with necklaces made of wood, lava rock, and heavy metals. As we grew, our collection blossomed into pieces that were more appropriate for weddings and formal events. I always wanted to go back to our roots and find a way to have both styles coexist. 

We decided to play around with some of the traditional and modern pieces we had. We introduced new colours and textures, different from what we’ve worked with before. We searched for a variety of semi-precious stones in a spectrum of colours and combined them with traditional stonework, like kundan and Polki AD. The results were surprisingly calming, like finding the perfect pair of jeans that fit you so well!

Just like many of our clients, we are first-generation Canadians with great respect and love for our Indian roots. However, living in Canada has greatly influenced our style of fashion and the trends we follow. Many of the pieces that we began designing and making were a direct result of these two influences. 

The western pieces fused with traditional Indian stones so beautifully!

Designed WITH YOU, FOR YOU and since this collection is all made in-house, we decided to allow the client freedom to customize the colours, gemstones and fit/look of the piece. With options like lilac amethyst, yellow opal, amazonite, blue lace agate and so many more, we truly do mean it when we say that this collection is made for you.

It’s awesome to look back at the evolution of our collection (over the past 10 years!) And it’s great to know that it continues to blossom and take on new inspirations.💜 

We shot a short video to showcase some of these pieces and their diversity. We felt California’s vibrant Venice Beach truly captured our artistic vibe and it’s also where we were inspired to name these one of a kind pieces. The Kahlo Collection is named after one of our favourite artists, Frida Kahlo.

Check out our website to see these pieces and to find out more about creating your own one of a kind jewelry!


Malinda Chohan

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