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JEWELRY HACKS🤫 South Asian Bangles and Jewelry, Indian Bangles & Jewelry


| Banglez Staff

When you love accessorizing as much as we do, you just can’t help yourself! I know what you’re going to say…but sometimes it’s frustrating to put on and it hurts!! We couldn’t agree more! Hence why we’ve compiled some jewelry hacks to help you through tough, messy and/or uncomfortable situations and come out looking absolutely fabulous!

Don’t know how to put on a tikka? Me either, luckily we got our friend Hemali from Ready to Glow to teach us how!

It is so important to create a backcombed base and to lock in your bobby pins by crisscrossing them to secure the tikka into place. The most crucial part is applying eyelash glue to the back of your tikka before sticking it to your forehead. Make sure to hold it down till the glue dries as it can easily come off otherwise. Make sure to do a spot test to make sure the glue your using does not cause irritation to your skin. We recommend a clear/white coloured latex free eyelash glue because it tends to be a gentler formula and it dries clear.

Eyelash glue recommendations:

1. HOUSE OF LASHES Hol White Lash Adhesive

2. DUO Eyelash Adhesive (Sephora, Amazon)

Now here’s one for headpieces because we all know that they’re equally if not harder to set, in my experience the latter!

Wearing a headpiece for the first time can be intimidating! Just remember, that practice makes perfect and the more you wear one, the more comfortable you’ll get. Before you know it, it’ll be your go-to accessory! 😉

Watch this tutorial once again featuring our friend Hemali from Ready to Glow to learn how!

Setting the middle of the headpiece is the most important part with backcombing and crisscrossing bobby pins, like putting on a tikka. Then follow the same steps to secure either side to guarantee that your headpiece won’t move all night! Don’t forget that if you have a portion of your headpiece that sits on your forehead like a tikka, to glue it down with eyelash glue as we mentioned earlier under our tikka tutorial. 
We just love making jewelry wearing effortless, so here are some more jewelry hacks featuring the lovely Hemali from Ready to Glow one last time!
Just a review:

Don’t have a bindi colour that matches your outfit? Paint over one that you have with nail polish, liquid lipstick, eyeliner, concealer liquid eyeshadow or any coloured makeup formula. Be sure to let it dry before putting it on and use a non-transferring/waterproof formula for best results. Most importantly, be sure not to touch the adhesive side in the colouring process.

Dealing with heavy earrings? Here at Banglez we have special clear rubber backings for extra support when wearing heavy or larger earrings. Put them on before putting on the original earring back. Voila, no more droopy ears!

Lost the backing to your earring? The story of my life! For a quick solution, use a piece of a rubber eraser! Make sure the piece is large enough to keep the earring in place but small enough to hide behind your ear.

If you can wait, come by the store anytime and grab some extra earring backs on the house! When placing your online order, email us to include some in your order.

Another option is pairing Saharas with your earrings to help hold up the weight or for precise placement. Saharas alone add so much charm!

Can’t get your bangles on? Place a plastic bag over your hand and arm, this should reduce friction and the bangles should go on over the bag a lot easier. We recommend this method over “putting on lotion” simply because many lotions contain harmful chemicals and fragrances that over time tarnish the metal of some of our karra bangles and erode the colour of others as well.


Soothe Sensitive Earlobes with Vaseline or Aquaphor. Wearing jewelry so often can sometimes cause your earlobes to hurt. Pieces are often made from different types of metals that may or may not suit your skin. Putting on an earring on already sensitive earlobes can be painful. You can put it on the earring rode before it goes in your earlobe as well.

Allergic to artificial jewelry but don’t want to compromise your glam? Me too sista but don’t fret because I have a tried and tested solution! I find applying a thin layer of clear nail polish to the rod and back of the earring goes a long way in helping your earlobes. Don’t’ deal with the messy aftermath of wearing earrings but rejoice in the glam of the beauty they add to your look!

Necklace not long enough? Come into the store and we can add on extra links. Can’t come in? Take a set you already have at home and some pliers. Take the chain piece off the set you’re not using and add it to the set you want longer. Be sure to close the links tight so the piece does not fall apart. P.S. please be careful when using metal tools!

Need help putting on hath panja(handpieces)? Put an opened up paperclip/safety pin through the hole of one end(the non-latch end), hold the paperclip/safety pin with the handpiece hand and swing the handpiece around your wrist. Then secure the latch end to the link you put in the paperclip/safety pin. Release the paperclip/safety pin and you’re ready to go!

When preparing your order in store we always make sure to give you the proper storage for your pieces. In case you lose it, use a button to keep earring pairs together, get a pill box, a crafts box from Michales or clear pouches/sandwich bags for safe keeping.

Now the most important hack of all! QUALITY! We recognize that there are many lovely south Asian jewelry companies out there but that does not mean that their jewelry upholds the same standards of quality as we do here at Banglez. It is so important to do your research and ask the right questions when purchasing your jewelry! When ordering or making jewelry, our years of experience have taught and equipped us to avoid “UH OH” situations. Even if a certain style of jewelry is trending but we know the quality of the jewelry isn’t good and will easily break, we will NOT order or make it. We stand by the excellence of our jewelry and offer customer service in unpleasant situations. The last thing anyone wants is to have their jewelry break on a special day. Any time you are unsure or need advice, never hesitate to email or call us, we’d love to clear up any confusion you may have!

Lastly, when it comes to jewelry there’s more to it than meets the eye! What do I mean?! Well, just because an earring is meant to be worn as an earring doesn’t mean it can’t be more. We’ve had customers combine earrings to make longer earrings, shorten pieces, customize two similar pairs into a matching tikka/headpiece and a pendant, etc.. We’ve had payal used as headpieces, handpieces used as armbands, bangles as hairpieces, kaleeray made into jewelry and many more! You are the master of your look and we are here to ignite your creativity and make all your jewellery dreams a reality!

By the way, Banglez brides PLEASE read our bridal jewelry revamp blog, your wallets will thank me 😉

Get creative and share your #BanglezHacks with us! Creative ideas that spark our interest get to come in and customize a piece of your own! It will be sold on, shared on our social media with your honourable mention and of course will be named after you. How cool is that?!

Hope you’re having a lovely day!

Mahak Gupta

Banglez Bloggeress

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