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Crystals - Making Jewelry with Meaning South Asian Bangles and Jewelry, Indian Bangles & Jewelry

Crystals - Making Jewelry with Meaning

| Malinda Chohan
Not only do we use crystals in our jewelry but we also appreciate the benefits they bring into our daily rituals. The natural colour tones that crystals possess can be both soft and vibrant. Each stone carries unique qualities that sets the intention for what we do as jewelry designers... And how it is received by you. 

As Jewelry Lovers, we have always appreciated unique stones and the colourful allure that they add to our pieces. Over the years, we became more and more comfortable as Jewelry Designers began to really ‘unearth’ our love of crystals. 

Crystals are not only included in so many of our jewelry pieces but they also inspire much of the work we do with our bangles. The natural colour tones that crystals possess can be soft yet vibrant and each stone carries an attractive quality that sets the intention for what we do and how it is received. We truly believe that making jewelry this way carries forward to every one of our clients it can be felt each time it's worn.


 crystals and model with rose quartz and amethyst


A few years ago I faced personal challenges that reignited a connection to my spirituality. In a reiki session, I experienced crystals being used on each of my chakras. (read our blog on chakras) It was a compelling reminder of how much strength these beautiful stones carry. We also have crystals around our home. They add a subtle reminder to pause, be present and feel grateful. Wearing crystal jewelry can add the same reminder to your day and bring depth to your accessories.

Whether you’re new to crystals or have already incorporated them into your self-care rituals, I hope to share some insight into what I have learned over the years. Below are my favourite crystals along with the affective qualities they possess. 


Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is associated with love and happiness and it is the birthstone for May. Popularly worn to attract love but can be used to strengthen all kinds of relationships by evoking compassion and unconditional love. One of my favourite things about this soft pink crystal is that it can be used to enhance self-love. Rose Quartz resonates Goddess energy. Its potent vibration is one of the foremost stones representing the feminine principle and is often used to align the Heart Chakra

Rose Quartz can be found all over the world, with major deposits being in Madagascar, India, South Africa, and Brazil.



This crystal can range from deep purple to light violet shades and is the birthstone for FebruaryAmethyst is a natural tranquillizer, it relieves stress while soothing and balancing our moods. It is often used to align our Crown Chakra since it can assist in activating spiritual awareness, and opening intuition.  At home, we pair our Amethyst with lavender oil and keep it by the bedside for a restful sleep.

Amethyst is largely produced in in Brazil where it occurs in large geodes within volcanic rocks. We are also lucky to have an ample supply of amethyst deposits in Northern Ontario, Canada.



While it evokes the warmth and energy of the sun citrine also promotes motivation. It is said to activate our creativity and encourage self-expression. These qualities are the reason it is often used to align the Solar Plexus Chakra. Citrine can assist in releasing negativity and fears while opening a path to an abundant life. It is the birthstone for November and is made up of bright yellow to golden tones.

Aptly named after the citrus fruit, Citrine can be found in the Ural Mountains of Russia and in Madagascar.  


Turquoise is the first stone to be mined and dates back to 3000 BC. There is historic evidence of indigenous tribes wearing turquoise jewelry as they believed it offered protection. The Ancient Egyptians, including Cleopatra herself, were adorned with this blue/green vibrant stone. It's the birthstone for the month of December and is known to promotes alignment and instills inner harmony. Turquoise has a strong connection to the throat chakra and it enhances expression and assists in creative thinking.

The word turquoise dates to the 17th century and is derived from the French who first brought it to Europe through Turkey and called it “Turkish”. It can be found in Arizona and Mexico as well as in parts of Australia.


turquoise stones on model lying down with teal shawl




This pink/crimson crystal helps to rid negative energy and welcomes change. Rhodochrosite evokes divine love. The Inca’s called it ‘Inca Rose’ and believed it to be the blood of their former kings and queens that was turned to stone. It urges us to pay attention to our hearts and aligns our heart chakra. It improves self-worth and soothes emotional stress.  Rhodochrosite encourages a positive outlook and enhances dream states. It is the birthstone for October although opal is more popularly worn for this month.

The name Rhodochrosite comes from the Greek rhodos, meaning “rose,” and khros, meaning “colour” It can be found in Colarado while it’s main deposits are found in Argentina.



The Chinese began trading Jade in the 14th Century and it has long been associated with nobility and wealth. It encourages clarity of mind and purity of spirit. Jade comes in light to deep shades of green and is the birthstone for March. Jade attracts good luck and prosperity and it promotes self-sufficiency. It is used to align the heart chakra.

Jade can be found in North British Columbia and parts of Guatemala. There are also deposits in Myanmar, China and New Zealand.


One hand holding turqouise stones and dropping them into the other hand.


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