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COLLABORATION WITH GRAFFITI CLOTHINGūüé® South Asian Bangles and Jewelry, Indian Bangles & Jewelry


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Welcome back to yet another edition of the Banglez blog! 

Last month¬†Banglez¬†teamed up with¬†GrńĀfiti Creative Design House¬†to create a vintage-inspired Spanish shoot to showcase their summer in Spain SS16 Collection. Other vendors involved were:¬†Brown Rice¬†Photography,¬†Canvas Make Up¬†& Hair, model¬†Vanessa Stalony¬†and¬†Pardeep Bassi.

GrńĀfiti Creative Design Houses design philosophy is to create South Asian wear that is edgy and original while maintaining certain traditional elements. They believe their designs are unique to the individuals who wear them, hence why they create one of a kind pieces that they don‚Äôt replicate. Their designs are for a woman who likes to stand out from the crowd and leave her mark in a sea of fads and trends.¬†


Indian clothing and jewelry have a history that can be traced back to ancient times. As time went by, trends diversified as each region in India put their spin on clothes based culture, geography, and lifestyle. Presently, traditional Indian clothing has transitioned into having a modern western influence. You can ‚ÄúIndian-ify‚ÄĚ any clothes as long as you have sequins, gold thread, embroidery (beads, stones, etc.) and distinct thread patterns. Indian jewelry is just as unique and varies from religious to aesthetic styles. Stay tuned for our blog on the history of Indian jewelry!


Before France came into the limelight for fashion, in the 16th-century Spanish clothing styles influenced the world, and were well known for their elegance and embellishments. Today, Spanish style maintains its elegance but with a contemporary approach. When I think of Spanish clothing, I picture a woman in a beautiful, body-hugging, bold red, voluminous, jersey style dress with ruffles, and a rose behind her ear doing the flamenco.

Now back to the summer in Spain SS16 Collection shoot! We talked to the founders of the¬†GrńĀfiti Creative Design House¬†about what inspired them, what their vision was and what their target audience is.

“We wanted to feature lace and bold colours in multiple designs for this collection, and we felt the best way to portray them would be with a Spanish influence, like a Senorita in the Summer, Be Mine in Barcelona, Peach Sangria, etc… Hence, how we knew a Spanish themed shoot was perfect because they are so well known for their beautiful laces and vibrant colours!

We envisioned the gorgeous women of Spain in their big floral headpieces, crowns, and flowy gowns when starting our vision board for the SS16 collection.

It’s also why we chose our location to mimic Spanish architecture and their stonewall structures. The looks tied into our vision of a summer in Spain incredibly well!

When creating the looks we envisioned the gorgeous women of Spain in their big floral headpieces, crowns, and flowing gowns when putting together our vision board for the SS16 collection.

Our target audience is any woman who loves to be bold, look beautiful and wear confidence

Lastly, I feel that the team that helped put his whole vision of ours together couldn‚Äôt have been more amazing!! Everything came together perfectly!‚ÄĚ

Now let’s take a look at the ravishing summer in Spain SS16 Collection!


As you saw, the team did a fantastic job of meshing together Indian clothes with a Spanish flair. As evident with their vast use of bold colours, ruffles, body-hugging designs, large earrings, hair combs, flowers and intricately embroidered manton styled dupattas.

This season if you‚Äôre looking for a lovely Indian outfit that comes with a Spanish sparkle, contact GrńĀfiti Creative Design House at¬† Arriba, arriba! √Āndale before they sell out!¬†


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