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BANGLEZ ON KULTUR’D🎙 South Asian Bangles and Jewelry, Indian Bangles & Jewelry


| Banglez Staff

This pop culture show discusses hot topics on everything from film & television, art, music to fashion & beauty with a lens on the diversity of people and their perspectives. Produced and hosted by Meera Estrada, along with co-hosts Nneka Elliott and The SandyLion, every episode feature guests to be part of the lively conversation.

Different ages and stages, each host brings a unique view to the weekly topics.

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For Diwali, they discuss fashion featuring our lovely Banglez jewelry, as we are the perfect blend of South Asian jewelry with a western flair! Listen to their podcast for advice and tips! To skip to the fashion segment start at 29:38 🙂

We take everyone’s preferences and style into consideration when curating our jewelry and designing new pieces. We can dress you with everything from South Asian jewelry to South Asian inspired western jewelry to western jewelry! Call us at (416) 834 – 6717 or email us at to inquire!
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