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| Banglez Staff

A once all hallows eve now known as Halloween is a popular holiday amongst North Americas and multiple countries around the world. Originating from the 2000-year-old ancient Celtic festival of Samhain when people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off roaming ghosts, it now includes traditional activities like trick-or-treating, costume parties, visiting “haunted houses” and carving jack-o-lanterns.

The celebration of Diwali falls around the date of Halloween, often conflicting with celebrations. Of the Indians that do not participate, their belief is that Western holidays like Halloween have begun to negatively affect their native festivals.

This may have changed when Pakistani-Canadian artist Maria Qamar uploaded a picture of makeup artist Jasmine Lakhesar with skull makeup and Indian jewelry on Instagram. Promoting her #BadBeti exhibition with Babbu the Painter, Indians all over the world are taking notice. Serious Halloween inspo right here!💀


Maria Qamar, owner of @hatecopy is widely known for her audacious and brazen desi artwork that’s totally relatable! From wedding issues to the chemistry behind chai making and sneaky aunty humor, she unites all worldwide desis on similar issues.

Since the post, desi Instagrammers all over the world have been inspired to post their own badass skull makeup looks in Indian wear!

And without a doubt killinnn it!🙌

If Tim burtons corpse bride had babies with Shah Rukh Khan, THESE are definitely the outcomes!😄

The trend has since been picked up by Buzzfeed! #winning 

Indo-Canadian Instagrammer @babbuthepainter shared her inspiration behind the #BadBeti movement, “I’m an Indian – Canadian who builds a bridge between my two cultures to create meaningful art. This isn’t a skull that I put an “Indian Twist” on, it’s more than that. It talks about the struggle of an immigrant who feels the need to assimilate to a new world and…” More on

As many of us struggle to close the gap between what we are, who we are and what we want to be, campaigns like #BadBeti help liberate us with an outlet to express the innermost workings of us, desi girls.

Are you a #BadBeti?!😏

Stylist: Iman Grewal               Jewelry: Banglez                MUA: Malinda Chohan



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“Every piece of art that exists in the world started as an idea. Every idea was turned into something real by an artist. Every time that reality met or exceeded the idea it’s because that artist put blood, sweat, and tears into not only the art but the years of learning and practice that preceded the art. Art isn’t free. Stop acting like it is.” – Brian Geddes

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