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| Banglez Staff

We’ve put a lot of Amore into this one because we have mad love for headpieces! We wanted to make a unique and exquisitely fashionable piece of jewelry to celebrate each person who wears its individuality. There are literally 100 different ways you can style them… ok maybe not that many but still a ton!

This piece can subtly add a boho feel to a summer outfit or elegantly with a formal gown. It is an exceptionally versatile piece that works with a wide range of hairstyles.  You’ll love that the Amore headpiece makes an understated- statement!

We wanted to eliminate the myth associated with matha pattis and headpieces that only a bride can wear one…so not true!

Many of our clients want to wear one but they are wary of looking too dressed up or feel that only a bride should be wearing a headpiece. I follow a standard rule as a guest, that if i wear a headpiece then I don’t wear a necklace, or wear a small, simple one and smaller earrings or tops. That’s how you can feel at ease knowing you won’t outshine the bride.

We often customize headpieces for our clients and the majority of the ones we make are non-bridal. With the growing demand for headpieces by non-bridal clients, we were inspired us to create lightweight and easy to wear headpieces that could be worn by just about anyone!

The Amore headpieces are made with a wide array of different coloured, textured, size and finish of gemstones or pearls. They’re accented with AD stonework or tiny jhumkas to add a bit of tradition. The design possibilities are endless!

You can now go online and customize your headpiece by choosing the 2 stone colours that you want! If you have a specific vision in mind or want it to match a certain outfit, please email us at with all the details you can provide us.

‚Äď 1 small coloured bead used as the main colour throughout.

‚Äď 1 bigger coloured bead used as an accents colour throughout.

*Note this headpiece will come with gold accents and if you prefer silver please state it in your email.

Please be aware that because this is a custom made item, please add an additional 5 days to delivery times mentioned at checkout.

The Amore headpiece is handmade and one of a kind so no two are exactly alike! Each piece made will have a similar look and feel but with slight variations.

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