Twas the night of the Party

by Malinda Chohan on January 31, 2022

Twas the night of the party...

and all through the house,
every person is stirring and bustling about.
The clocks getting nearer
There's no time to waste
I put on my outfit and jewelry with haste.
The front door opens, there's the call from below
as I finish the touches of my eyeshadow.
One last look in the mirror,
Don't want to be late,
Hmm, there's something missing
That feeling I hate...
I forgot about bangles!
I open my drawer,
I'm stressed to the max
plus my family just roared.
I grab a whole bunch
race to take them apart
The Colours are all wrong,
Where do I start?
I love wearing bangles but my collection is getting old!
I need bright pink, blue, green
and of course lots of gold.
I'm daydreaming now of my own Banglez CHEST
so that I can keep them all organized and put these old ones to rest.
I'll wear them with pride and most importantly with ease
my look will be complete and I'll be so pleased.



We know how frustrating it can be to keep your bangles
organized and easy to get to.
We have a simple & stylish solution for you! 
We have been working with bangles for nearly 15 years and we know how messy and cumbersome they can be. So you pack them into any old container or drawer. Out of sight - out of mind right! That is until you need them...
On that night when you are ready to wear your bangles, they are a mess and so you grab whatever you can quickly find in the chaos. 
Wouldn't it be nice to have your bangles ready to go in a stylish arrangement so that you can swap out the colours easily to go with your look?
Oh, and wouldn't it be nice if that box slid out like a drawer so that you could easily see your options?
With CHEST, we worked tirelessly to come up with a sleek and efficient design. A design that is stylish enough for a bride while being practical enough for everyone else. CHEST is made with high-quality material making it strong enough to keep your bangles safe when you travel.
The 'unboxing' feature is what you'll be obsessed with! The way that our CHEST smoothly slides open to reveal the beautiful bangles inside is everything!
This is also what makes it such a great gift. Over the years we've worked with countless clients to come up with unique gifts for their loved ones. Whether it from Mother to Daughter, Bride to Bridemaids, A welcoming gift to your new Sisterinlaw, Mother's day... The list goes on. We know that the best gifts are something you know they need and WILL USE. 
CHEST is filled with a gorgeous array of bangles. In a variety of styles and colours. We have taken the time to curate each box so that you don't have to worry about it. The bangles come predesigned, not to mention you can easily access our photos and videos to ensure that you're able to make more designs from your CHEST on your own.

So What's inside?

Over 100 bangles!

8 High-Quality 22k Gold Plated Bracelets

3 Different Colours x 2 dozen each

2 Different Gold Styles x 1 Dozen each


Valued at $160 


**A savings of $85**

Our exclusive presale price is available for a limited time.



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