Growth: by Jessie Brar

by Malinda Chohan on November 20, 2020

This year has definitely been one for the books. On new year’s day no one could have anticipated what was to come. 2020 had such a nice ring to it! This was supposed to be THE YEAR. The year you launched your new project, the year you travelled the world, the year that you found love.

As the weeks went on it seemed the bad news continued to build. From wildfires in Australia to the death of sports icon, Kobe Bryant and finally a worldwide pandemic that would shut down the entire world. The turnaround was quick. One day we were commuting to work and trying to decide what to do on the weekend, and the next we were forced to isolate and stay indoors. It was a challenge no one could have prepared for.

As we went into lockdown, we saw how it affected us mentally more than ever. It truly felt like a loss. A loss of freedom, a loss of autonomy, a loss of love. Some described it as a feeling of grief. Denial- that it wasn't that big of a deal. Anger - that this was taking away so much. Trying to reason with ourselves and say it wasn’t so bad and followed a deep-set sadness of this new reality. Finally, acceptance that we would need to find a new normal with this pandemic amongst us. After all these stages there is still one more... it's Growth.

Through our most difficult times, we come out stronger. We find a new armour. In the darkness, we look for light. Although this year has fundamentally changed us, it also gave us a moment for pause to re-evaluate who we are and what is important to us.

It taught us the importance of health, the importance of mind and that we need to love ourselves and be happy with who we are because when the whole world shuts down, that’s all it comes down to.

Finding our inner strength isn’t easy. There’s a sense of uneasiness that comes with growth. Everything around you starts to feel different. You feel out of place. Lost. However, in that moment of limbo, we should look towards the things that pull you together. Like our loved ones or our passions that brings us peace. As we move towards these things, we find ourselves settling into our new normal, and suddenly, it all starts to make sense again.

Finding our inner strength is a process. At first you have to let yourself feel the uncomfortable feelings. From there, work to understand what they are rooted in. Everything is connected in this world. It’s not necessarily a straight forward journey so you may take steps forward and then suddenly take a step back. This is all part of Growth; the gift that this year has given us.


Muse and blog written by Jessie Brar

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