"I used to feel awkward labeling myself an actor or an artist, maybe because of the reverence I held artists in, or maybe because I just didn't feel like I'd earned that title yet... But now, thanks to time, struggle, triumph, there's no title I wear more proudly.
Art is love, humanity, and freedom expressed.
Life without art would be empty.
Art without artists is impossible.
And now, perhaps more than ever, artists are helping to move our society forward.
I wake up so proud to be even the smallest part of this unbelievable community who make their life's work to "celebrate living".
Because there really is so much to celebrate.”


** 10% of this purchase will be donated to a local organization called Rexdale Women's Centre.**

Custom / Craft

From changing a single stone to designing something completely new, Banglez can craft beautiful jewelry made just for you.