A bindi is truly a versatile accessory! The majority of individuals will apply a bindi between their eyebrows or a bit higher.

Here are some other uses:

1. They can also be worn by placing a bindi in between your eyebrows, followed by a line of smaller ones above your eyebrows, in a sort of "v" tiara pattern.

2. They can be placed on the inner corner of your eyes (beside your tear ducts), on the outer corners of your eyes or along your lash line(small ones work best for this).

3. You can even wear them on your nails to up your 3D nail art game!

4. Don't have your nose pierced? Well, a bindi can help you fake a piercing ;) A small "diamond" style bindi will work best for this!

5. I've even seen people decorate their belly button area with them, whether they're faking a belly button piercing or decorating for a cute crop top!

6. Anywhere! Get creative and make your patterns and designs for any part of your body.

Like henna, the sky is the limit with bindis!

Let your imagination run wild!

Custom / Craft

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