Banglez founders Malinda and Hardip Chohan are lifelong partners: highschool sweethearts who are now married and blessed with two amazing children.

In 2006, the inspiration behind Banglez pre-dated Malinda's very own bridal experience. Yet, she was still well enough acquainted with the fact that there were minimal accessory options available to South Asian brides at the time. Passionate about the art of make-up and jewelry throughout her life, Malinda was inspired to design a brand of bridal jewelry that would be as accessible as it was customizable. Not quite knowing where to begin on this new journey of theirs, the couple decided to take their talents and foraging skills to India, travelling around the country to places like Delhi, Mumbai, Punjab and Rajasthan in search of raw materials, manufacturers and suppliers with whom they could work.

The team in India began to build, and shipments began to arrive from India to Toronto. Meanwhile, Hardip's involvement in the repair and swapping of stones in the pieces to better accommodate their clients' needs allowed him to grow more comfortable and confident working with jewelry. He soon learned how to use various stones to create and manipulate new patterns and styles. Their Blossoming into jewelry designers, (instead of merely being importers of it) marked an unexpected and exciting turn for the company. The Banglez approach evolved into combining loose stones and diverse materials with artisanal methods to hand-craft their collections entirely in-house.

Fast forward to the present day, where Malinda guides the creative direction with her discerning eye for design. At the same time, Hardip's attention to beautifully detailed craftsmanship and service ensures every customer finds the perfect jewelry piece. Their business philosophy and signature style embodies an entirely imaginative, modern and bold approach. Together with the rest of the team, they seek to recreate enduring cultural accessories by weaving old ways with new. Banglez as well as their new brand Tenasãti, accomplishes this meaningfully by infusing their personalities, timely, socially-conscious trends into their jewelry-wearers' collective and customized experience.



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